Any maintenance requests should be placed online, via the Service Request System or through the Management Office at (813) 221-7474.

The maintenance crew is responsible for general building and parking garage maintenance, including the following: lighting & electrical power distribution systems; interior surfaces such as walls, doors, carpet, ceiling and painting and general repairs to rest rooms, common areas; parking garage maintenance such as gates, rolling doors, interior and exterior sweeping and the building structure.

The maintenance crew is also responsible for the operation of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, the energy management system and the primary mechanical, electrical and plumbing distribution systems in the building. Close monitoring of the performance of all mechanical systems involved enables the Building and maintenance crew to keep tenant comfort high while keeping costs down.

This program includes not only an aggressive preventive maintenance plan but also constant equipment performance testing to guarantee optimum performance of all systems. We have established a comprehensive program focusing on preventive rather than remedial maintenance. Nevertheless, when problems arise, your help in notifying us that a problem exists will enable us to respond as quickly as possible. To avoid confusion, it is best to have a designated "Tenant Contact" between your employees, so that there is only one individual to report service requests to the Management Office. All employees of your firm should report service requests to that Contact who will in turn report the service calls to the Management Office. This will avoid duplication of requests and will help expedite service. Examples of the types of requests that may be encountered include burned out lights, hot or cold space conditions, restroom problems, etc.

There will be times when you will need the services of outside repairmen to service your office equipment. This normally will not require notification to the Management Office. However, if that repairman finds it necessary to remove a piece of equipment from the building, it will be necessary to fill out a Property Removal Authorization Form that will be presented to the Security office on duty prior to removing the piece of equipment. The Security Officer will not allow any piece of equipment or furniture, of which they become aware, to be removed from the building without prior notice of authorization.

Any repair that will affect the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or building structure should be coordinated through the Management Office. The Management Office has several service providers that are properly insured and bonded and we will gladly coordinate that work for you. This will ensure that all building systems remain uniform, are in compliance with City building codes, that accurate records are kept, and that you, the tenant, do not inadvertently assume liability for the condition of building systems and their proper function.

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